The social impact of organisations is increasingly visible and measurable, but it is often difficult to define what is meant by the term “social impact”. Certainly, it refers to positive change or virtuous behaviour generated by a company’s activities. With an inclusive approach to the widest range of people, teams can harness the best ideas, excel in new markets and promote a comfortable and exciting working environment for all involved. This means being sensitive to and actively and continuously learning about the needs of others across ethnic and cultural backgrounds, generations, genders, sexual orientations and disabilities. Organisations need their people to be allies for everyone’s identities, to speak up and ensure fair treatment for their employees, and to know when to accept others’ imperfections and encourage learning. It is important to be aware of the hidden prejudices that prevent good decisions being made and the small offensive words and actions that can cause serious damage to colleagues and the organisation’s reputation.

The concept of Social Impact can refer to several areas:



Economic and eco-cultural

It is always about progress. That is, broadening the strategic vision of the organisation and ensuring that it includes the creation of benefits for people and society at large.


These are programs that, thanks to the use of the AliveLearning™ method, which involves constant guidance and confrontation with a learning coach, do not just work on theoretical learning, but focus above all on putting what has been learnt into practice. In fact, the acquisition of a skill is only complete when it translates into a real change in behaviour and habits: only then is there real development, real improvement in skills and productivity.

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The technology underpinning the digital platform on which the Skills Acquisition programs are delivered makes it possible to follow the learning path and interact with the coaches at the preferred time and on different devices (desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones).
High quality content – videos, pdfs, articles – produced by our exclusive partner CrossKnowledge is also distributed on the platform.


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