We handle Technologies

iSapiens supports the business continuity of training through an easy-to-implement integrated solution to keep training and communication going.
The solution integrates two leading digital platforms on the market: the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite, one of the best digital learning platforms in the world, and the iSapiens Platform, which transforms internal know-how into hybrid learning experiences through the innovative AliveLearning methodology.
iSapiens offers a “ready to use” solution that guarantees implementation in a maximum of 5 days.

We master the science of learning

iSapiens offers blended learning, digital learning and teamwork development solutions, as well as ESG solutions for companies. iSapiens’ innovative AliveLearning™ methodology involves the use of a certified coach to guide participants through the learning paths.
The CrossKnowledge Library Skill Paths offer short courses (30-50 minutes) designed with world experts, adaptable to the learners’ skills level.
Team-As-A-StartUp is a team development path based on the AliveLearning™ model that involves both the team leader and the team members. Finally, ESG solutions are co-designed with the client and are aimed at achieving ESG objectives.

We understand the development needs of Human Capital

iSapiens provides software development, platform integration and content integration services to enhance CrossKnowledge training solutions. We also offer L&D consulting services including strategy, HR and learning solution design. The Learning Experience Design team designs and develops customised learning solutions for clients. The LX Management team is responsible for training project delivery and user support. The Project Management service ensures accurate delivery of the training project.

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