The innovation shift is the ability to respond quickly and positively to transformational drivers in the marketplace or profession. Today, more than ever, people are working remotely and even those who are on site need to be up to date with the latest best practices to complete tasks with colleagues who are not physically in the same location. There are many approaches to hybrid and fully remote working, including teams spread across multiple offices in a region or around the world, employees working from home or as digital nomads, and those who use a mix of onsite and offsite working days. Robust and up-to-date working practices help to maximise the benefits of such arrangements while ensuring trust, accountability, communication, cohesion and successful networking.

Today, innovation means:

Gain competitive advantage

Engage employees more

Contribute to business growth

Retain your audience


These are programs that, thanks to the use of the AliveLearning™ method, which involves constant guidance and confrontation with a learning coach, do not just work on theoretical learning, but focus above all on putting what has been learnt into practice. In fact, the acquisition of a skill is only complete when it translates into a real change in behaviour and habits: only then is there real development, real improvement in skills and productivity.

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The technology underpinning the digital platform on which the Skills Acquisition programs are delivered makes it possible to follow the learning path and interact with the coaches at the preferred time and on different devices (desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones).
High quality content – videos, pdfs, articles – produced by our exclusive partner CrossKnowledge is also distributed on the platform.


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