iSapiens is specialized in designing and delivering training experiences to support companies in transformation, to ensure that they achieve their business goals by bridging the skills gap in their workforce.

Since 2014 it has been operating in the world of corporate training, providing human-to-human learning opportunities, led by experts and coaches, enabled by technology and based on our blended methodology, on key topics (including: Leadership Development; Hybrid Working, Performance Management; Talent Management & Soft Skill Development; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion).

Blended learning refers to a learning format that uses a mix of learning environments, combining the traditional classroom method with a coach digital support through multi-device computer/mobile and digital activities. In its combination of synchronous and asynchronous activities, iSapiens Blended Learning redefines and enhances the key aspects and strengths of the main learning formats: the structured path and constant feedback of Coaching and Training on the Job; the group experience from classroom training; the virtual and asynchronous access to the expert from the Webinar; the autonomy of use and flexibility of e-learning.

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iSapiens is the first blended native training company and has invented the definitive Blended Learning solution, AliveLearning™, which combines the best of traditional face-to-face formats with innovative digital ones.

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iSapiens is part of the Wiley group’s CrossKnowledge global digital learning network, with more than 20 years of experience in the market, present in 130 countries, delivers training in 31 languages and has a user base of more than 12 million people.

Behind CrossKnowledge is Wiley, a Research and Education reality with 210 years of history, $2 billion in revenues and a team of 5,300 people and 15 million researchers and professionals. More than 450 Nobel Prizes winners have published with Wiley, and the company invests $250 million annually in R&D technology.

iSapiens is made up of a team of experts in professional development programs for people in companies undergoing change or development. We take care of every phase of the learning experience, going from identifying the need to defining the best solution and the most effective delivery method, to creating effective, impactful training courses to suit every need.

Our programs address the need for today’s workers to continuously learn not only to improve performance, but also to create more career opportunities, feel more satisfied and stay relevant. Our services help companies respond effectively and quickly to the challenge of providing valid training and tools to develop the potential and culture of their people to grow professionally and deliver greater competitiveness and value to the company.

With the organizations that take up this challenge, we form alliances dedicated to the evolution of people, simplifying their commitment with a set of integrated services, helping them to implement the programs and managing each phase alongside them (from the initial briefing to the construction of the path, from the help desk to the monitoring of results).

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