Social Impact

The social commitment of organizations has an increasingly important impact in the eyes of their public, and is now measurable by market performance.  Yet, it is often difficult to accurately define what “social impact” means. It surely refers to a positive change or a virtuous behavior in actions having a social impact inside and outside an organization.

The concept of Social Impact can be referred to different areas of interest:




Ethical and cultural.

It is progress, in any case. It means broadening the strategic vision of an organization and ensuring that it includes the creation of benefits for employees and the society in general.

How can a company plan and apply a social impact strategy? For example:

  • formulating a strategy of greater respect for the environment (territory or resources).
  • making knowledge or instruments available to the population inside and outside the company.
  • by offering training on the basis of the company’s particular know-how.


Isapiens supports employees and their employers with dedicated social impact programmes designed to be instruments  through which the organisation can train its employees or even to carry out its activities for the benefit of society. In this case, the AliveLearning™ method, an exclusive of isapiens, proves to be particularly effective as it is based on the relationship and interaction between course attendees and a learning coach, i.e. an expert trainer.   

Discover AliveLearning™


AliveLearning™  takes advantage of the technological contribution of an advanced digital platform. Users can take the course on the platform, guided by the coach, at the time and in the manner they prefer by using one or more devices (desktop PC, portable PC, tablet or smartphone).

Use of high-quality contents – such as the best videos, PDF files and articles produced by our Italian and international partners – ensures that users are more involved and make the programs more effective.


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