Innovation Shift

Innovation shift is a skill who helps immediately and positively reacting to the changes of market and profession. 

Today, innovate means:

Acquire a competitive advantage.

Involve people in the company more and constantly.

Make the company grow.

Keep the target involved.

However, innovating is not that simple: it’s necessary to perfect mental, technical and behavioral instruments  to do it in the best way possible. Because innovation is a process that asks for the engagement of the entire working model and it has to do with a lot of different sphere. For example: 

  • adoption of new technical instruments;
  • introduction of new procedures, techniques or methodologies;
  • variation of the working schemes;
  • renovation of company’s organization;
  • upgrade of the responsibilities for some roles;
  • development of new products, services or branches;
  • acquisition of new competences.


Innovation Shift programs by isapiens answer at the need of people and organizations to evolve at a technological, methodological, organizational and procedural level. Companies need to acquire an aptitude to responsiveness and transformation, upgrading mental schemes and adjusting them. 

Thanks to the AliveLearning™ method, learning paths are build specifically by  expert learning coaches who become representatives and motivators for all the users.

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Through an advanced digital platform, coaches lead users in an effective learning path, usable whenever and wherever, using different devices (desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone.) 

The confrontation with a coach and the best contents selected between the best videos and documents produced by our  nationl and international partners makes every Innovation Shift program by isapiens really engaging, concrete and functioning.


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