Skills Acquisition

Learning new skills is a fundamental need for professional evolution, especially at a time when knowledge rapidly becomes obsolete and contexts change quite easily. 

Skills Acquisition means:

Broadening and strengthening one’s areas of professional intervention.

Creating new opportunities for one’s career and for the company itself.

Rapidly responding to changes in one’s role in the organisation.

All this translates into a competitive advantage for the professional and his employer.

Skill Acquisition programmes developed by isapiens are designed to meet specific requirements
of employees and employers, and translate into solutions which may be applied to broad and varied fields. For example:

  • getting acquainted with new technologies.
  • Learning methodologies.
  • Talent development.
  • Skills Optimization
  • Use of sophisticated instruments.
  • Transposition of roles in diverse contexts.


These programmes use the AliveLearning™ method which involves guidance and constant interaction with a learning coach, not only learning the concepts, but putting what is learnt into practice.. Skill acquisition is complete when it translates into a real change in behaviour and habits; only then does an employee undergo a real evolution, and a real improvement in capacity and productivity.

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Our technology allows participants to take the course and interact with coaches at the preferred time by using different devices (desktop PC, portable PC, tablet and smartphone).

In addition, content such as high-quality videos, PDF files and articles produced by our top level national and international partners, as Crossknowledge, are published on the platform.


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