Performance Boosting

To evolve means to improve. However, commitment is not always enough to make improvements. To become more efficient, to obtain more profitable results and to create a greater competitive advantage, it is necessary to acquire in-depth knowledge of one’s abilities. 

The target of Performance Boosting programs:

working on one’s behaviour, to improve the performance.

delete bad habits or unfounded beliefs.

Activate latent potential.

For example, in the commercial field, today really interested by continuous fast changes, it’s fundamental to be responsive and propositional,  it’s important to have adapting skills, staying customer-focused,  intercept business opportunities in a short, medium-lenght or longer period of time. 

Learning and trying new techniques and methods in the field is surely the right approach, but it must be accompanied by in-depth knowledge of the object of one’s job and proper habits such as:

  • planning and organisation of one’s activities.
  • Setting and managing priorities.
  • Taking care of one’s business agenda.
  • Handling realtions with the customer.

These points serve to increase opportunities for  contact with the customer and therefore to achieve and surpass one’s professional goals.


The engine behind our training programs is the AliveLearning™ method, which allows contact and interaction with a learning coach at every step of the course, combining the opportunities offered by new technologies with the value of the support of a human expert.

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Each learning experience is structured on an advanced digital platform, which allows its use at desired times and in the desired manner on any device (desktop PC, portable PC, tablet or smartphone).

In addition, there is a selection of high-level content – including videos, PDF files, articles – supplied by our Italian and international partners. 


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