The TECH FAST call (POR FESR 2014-2020 / Innovation and Competitiveness) and our blended format at the service of learning objectives on critical skills

The change taking place in the world of work requires people to update and develop new knowledge and skills continuously (life long learning). In addition, the automation of work, due to the introduction of increasingly efficient machines and algorithms, requires people to focus on those typically human skills that machines cannot replicate (human skills).
It is mainly for this reason that we’ve decided to start developing our blended AliveLearningTM format with soft contents, and to create a Human Skills Catalogue (e.g. communication, relationship management, self-awareness, growth mindset, empathy, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, etc.), especially in smart working contexts.
The format will thus be developed on contents useful for disseminating and acquiring "critical" knowledge and skills, for people who work and for young people who have to enter the job market (updating and developing critical skills for today's work and tomorrow: human skills / future skills).
Thanks to the TECH FAST call (POR FESR 2014-2020 / Innovation and Competitiveness, "Action I.1.b.1.2 - Support for the economic enhancement of innovation through experimentation and adoption of innovative solutions in processes, products and organizational formulas, as well as through the financing of the industrialization of research results "), this project (carried out with the support of: European Union - European Regional Development Fund; Italian Republic; Lombardy Region; ERDF) develops (through a € 209,685.97 support) a software tool, the AliveLearning platform (AliveLearningTM Platform), which uses the proprietary model of content production and distribution, developed through the formalization of a solid and replicable pedagogical model: the AliveLearningTM.
The application of the AliveLearningTM model guarantees the achievement of the various digital publishing products learning objectives. With the aim of creating and testing a Format of integrated, "blended" digital publishing products, which at the same time can:
1) be used independently by the learner (self-employment / self-training)
2) allow the relationship with the group, and with the expert who generated the contents in the form of a teacher / coach (in synchronous moments).

The project is aimed at increasing the added value of iSapiens, with a double perspective:
1) through the application of the AliveLearning model, creating a "blended native" digital publishing product format, focused on a set of contents related to the development of "human skills", effective and scalable;
2) to innovate, within iSapiens, the internal process of production and distribution of content in mixed format.


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