Leadership Development

In every company, organization or institution, those with leadership traits are a precious ingredient in the recipe for success and longevity.

Leaders have an essential role:

They boost transformation.

They manage change.

They transform challenges into opportunities.

Leaders are the ones who implement company strategy, because they help people to stay focused and grow personally and professionally, both as individuals and as part of a team. This is why those with leadership qualities are fundamental in any context, especially at times of great and rapid evolution, like now.
This is why
organizations are searching for and investing in employees with leadership skills and inclinations.

What makes someone a good leader? Certainly, it is hard to precisely define all the human and professional traits of someone who is or may become a good leader, but some requirements are more obvious:

  • the ability to learn fast and translate what is learnt into daily practice.
  • The ability to observe and understand.
  • Determination.
  • Constant commitment and focus on objectives.
  • The ability to cope rapidly in a complex situation and to make efficacious decisions.
  • The sense of responsibility and spirit of initiative.
  • The aptitude to lead people and to be an operational and relational reference point.
  • The awareness and conviction of having positive effects on one’s collaborators.
  • Vision, meaning the capacity to look to future goals and identify the best way of achieving them.

Naturally, a propensity for interaction with people and empathy for colleagues plays an important role The first responsibility of a leader is to ensure that everyone is able to do the best they can.


The Leadership Development programmes created by isapiens allow participants to develop skills, abilities and behaviours that turn a professional into a real leader within an organisation. Designing such courses based on the AliveLearning™ method facilitates acquisition and refinement of daily habits and the abilities a leader should have. Programmes are created and managed by learning coaches, who make their experience available and are enhanced by constant interaction. Not only does acquisition of more useful and productive ideas and attitudes become simpler, but so does putting the lessons learned into daily practice, for significant and tangible results, to the benefit of the person and team.

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The experience is supported by an advanced digital platform, enabling each user to proceed based on his or her schedule, in the most suitable manner, and on any device (desktop PC, portable PC, tablet or smartphone).

In addition, every step of the course is enriched by high-level content: videos, PDF files, case histories and articles produced by our Italian and international partners.


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