Talent Management

People of talent, keen on growing professionally, are the most important asset of organizations, especially at this time of great transformation:  managing talented workers is a complex activity.

Talent Management: a work on different sides.

Efficient onboarding allowing anyone who has just joined a company to understand its organisation, values and procedures.

Interaction and collaboration between different generations of professionals in the same department.

Acquisition of the skills required in the short and long term.

Constant development of abilities and activation of latent potential.

Many studies show that employees want to evolve and grow constantly, not only in their position or through added responsibilities, but in terms of know-how and ability to develop productive habits.

Talent Management programs by isapiens aim to:

  • enable employees, regardless of their role, position or experience, to evolve by acquiring abilities and satisfactorily developing their potential.
  • Develop the different potential of each person, to let every worker build a satisfying career and bring advantage to the individual and to the company.
  • give the right tools to the companies to motivate their people and grow or keep their competitiveness.


The Isapiens training experience is based upon the AliveLearning™ method, which brings the human element of a learning coach to courses held in a digital environment, by merging the advantages of new technologies with the presence of an expert with which one can interact.

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The use of an advanced digital platform allows participants to attend courses at the best time and in the best manner for each person, and to use different devices (desktop PC, portable PC, tablet or smartphone).

The courses use the best content, identified by coaches, and selected from the best production of our Italian and international partners, as Crossknowledge.


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